Community Services
Municipal Office 204-759-2565 or 204-365-2196
Community Development Corporation 204-759-3343
Shoal Lake Leisure Services/Hall Rental 204-759-2565 extension 102
Shoal Lake School 204-842-2822
Strathclair Community School 204-842-2801
Marshall Chambers Campground 204-759-2565 or 204-365-0153
Lakeview Campground Doreen Knight-204-365-0153
Carlton Beach/Salt Lake 204-759-2565 (seasonal info) 204-365-6431(for bookings)
Handi-Van 204-759-3209
Senior Services of Prairie Parkland
Shoal Lake Coordinators Office 204-759-2195
Strathclair Coordinators Office 204-365-2012       
Shoal Lake Mounted Police Museum 204-759-3326
Strathclair Museum 204-365-5331 or 204-365-2196
Shoal Lake Airport Authority 204-759-2655
Shoal Lake Aviation 204-759-2395
Shoal Lake Kids' Club 204-759-3438
Shoal Lake Library 204-759-2242
Strathclair Community Center 204-365-2539

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