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RM of Yellowhead

Job Posting ā€“ Grant Writer




The R.M. of Yellowhead is seeking a motivated and talented Grant Writer to assist in securing grant funding.


Position Outline

The Grant Writer will be advised of or seek and apply for grant funding opportunities for specific projects related to infrastructure, social services, recreation, arts, culture, heritage, economic development, and other areas within the R.M. of Yellowhead.  The Grant Writer may work directly with the municipality or indirectly through community organizations.

Duties and Responsibilities

Prepare high-quality grant proposals in a timely manner, including:

Research the project and the requirements of potential funding sources,

Discussions with project proponents to ensure a thorough understanding of the project,

Securing letters of support as needed.


Maintain a system to track grant applications, including deadlines, application requirements and reporting requirements.

Manage multiple grant applications and ensure all are submitted on time.


Identify grants and funding opportunities available


Submit reports to granting organizations following the completion of projects


Qualifications and Experience

The successful candidate will be able to prepare funding proposals in a clear and compelling manner.  Excellent research and writing skills are essential.  Candidates must be self-motivated, detail-oriented, highly organized, and have a high level of computer literacy.  Candidate must possess an ability to work well under pressure and the ability to seek information and communicate in a compelling and concise manner.  A solid understanding of budgets as they relate to proposals and grants is essential.



The successful candidate may be compensated on a combination of a base rate and/or a percentage of approved funding.  The details will be agreed to prior to the start of the position.


Applicants must send a resume to by April 21, 2023.